Why Us

Travelling is not just going from one place to another but it is to get a wholesome experience of food, culture, places, tradition, meeting new interesting people, trying new things, adventure.
Think about this you go to Goa and Buss in your 2 N/ 3 Days package and when you come back your friend lets you did you go for the ISLAND TRIP and you are scrapping your head, and have to say - ya may be next time - and we all know that next time never comes. N u regret that u were not informed your agent or booking website.
For us sending you to travel is not only getting commission but it’s MY BUSINESS to see you EXPERIENCE THE CORE of the PLACE, MAKE your TRAVEL a JOURNEY with PURPOSE.
Most difficult part is to convert a desire to Travel into a Memorable Holiday.
You can be offer cheap packages which will get your eye ball out but what when it comes to making it a memorable. Once in a year when you want to go to a new place – First thing should be my I going to stay with good people, am I going to eat good food, do I get a nice bed. People always think who will take care of the family in new place. Will my Parents or Kids or grandparents be safe if there is a problem or accident? There is a question. So I ask how comfortable you are with your AGENT so I say come and see us. Ask about reference. And see our work. Personal touch is always better.
For all the above problems we are there to help. Give the right advice. We do not plan low budget travels. We do not want any bad experience to happen to our guest our family.
We work with referred agents, hotels and companies which are tried and tested by ourselves or our agents.
Be open to our advices and you will never face a problem, because we know what it is to travel with ignorance and arrogance. It may work at times but make you regrets your whole life.
If you want to trek I would advise 4 days easy level Poonhill trek than pushing you to death in 15 days Kailash, just to make money.
Our Clients are Individual, Couples, Families or Groups who look to are looking to travel safely and peacefully without hassle of booking. Who are ready to believe more in themselves to make a right choice to work with us than just comparing price? Your trust is more value than money.
I am happy to say no to your demands if your life and my principles are at stake. We do not provide Non – Veg Meals and Liquor in our group tours.