About Us

Desi Bandhu is an extension of my travel that took place a few years back. My back pack travels took me away from my close family members but me close to my inner self and connected me to a world which I had imaged or seen only in travel documentaries.

My travel involved long extensive stays at various Non – Profit Organizations in India and Nepal. My desire to conquer my fears made to do crazy adventures but my right attitude and value for life, nature and self – sustenance got me closest to the most fantastic people, artist and professional of the world.

While I was living in the Big City Mumbai under the beautiful shelter of my parents with no problem of survival I felt that I am having a problem of all luxuries. The truth of every success story is scarcity and it’s well said scarcity is the mother of all inventions. Constrains and challenges evolve Leaders and my travel of the small towns of India did the same to me. Desi Bandhu is not only me or any person but it’s an idea of bridging the small town to big cities and create an energy that will transform as it did to me.

My motivation to work for the products and services comes from the transformation which I saw in me when I found peace in the small cottage of a farmer who gave me rice to saw good bye in a NGO in Chattisgarh where I send 3 months for a voluntary project.

I feel the need take people to the deep villages of Nepal because I cannot forget the smile of the women who kept me like her son when I was away from my mother and she was missing her son who left her for his career.

I feel the need to transform again and again as there are many brothers who need my help to lead them to a proper school from the place where is tough life and hardship of nature.

Travel with purpose made me live for a purpose, earn with a purpose and I learned to share and serve.

With this power of sharing I wish to serve with as much joy and happiness and connect as much as possible. I am sure will see you as our paths meet.